Monday, August 09, 2010

Some pregnancy stuff

So I haven't blogged a lot about pregnancy because a lot of the folks that read this blog are dudes who couldn't care less or women who've already been through it and I don't want a lot of "Oh, you just wait until XYZ happens!" comments. But, there are definitely some interesting things that happen during pregnancy. I'm about to enter my 3rd trimester, so I thought I'd actually blog about it.

The best has to be people giving up their seats on the subway. Now that I don't go into the city very much, I don't take the subway too much, but it was nice to be able to sit down when I needed to.

The weirdest thing is that when I sit and slouch, I get a numb tingle stretching over the top of my belly. I guess slouching puts pressure on a blood vessel or something that numbs that part of my belly. It's weird and not too pleasant.

A lot of standard things haven't happened at all, or yet. I got morning sickness, but not very much, I got fatigue, but nothing I couldn't handle. I hope I didn't get "pregnancy brain" because I took the bar exam. Nothing's swollen, other than my belly, and that's the only indication that I'm pregnant at all. I did have a weird reaction to the smell of garbage, which, of course is never a great smell, but it made me wicked sick to my stomach to the point where Jon had to be in charge of taking out the trash every week because I couldn't handle it.

I've loved getting baby stuff, mostly from my mom, a few from friends, and a great gift from a couple of guys in my study group - totally unexpected. We had a good time registering, until it got overwhelming, but because I'm not having a baby shower, it really just helped us focus on what we want to get.

I still get weirded out at the sight of my belly. I'm not a fan of the black and white artsy belly pictures that I know a lot of people get. Not judging anyone, but it's just not for me. I always feel like a voyeur when I see other people's pictures like that. I'm still amazed that I'm as big as I am, and there's three more months left!

With a name picked out (Avery Liffick Beach), and things registered for, the next big project is to fix up the nursery. I've got some cute ideas, but I'm not going too overboard because we are moving in May, and, let's face it, Avery doesn't care what his room looks like. It's really for the mom :-) The only thing I REALLY insist is this awesome rocker we registered for that is ridiculously expensive, but Jon promised that we could buy if nobody gets it for us. Yay!

I also discovered that H&M has a maternity line, albeit small, that helped me out getting a dress for my friend's wedding this past weekend, and some tops that actually fit over my belly so I don't have to keep tugging my shirt down as to not scare the children.

The plan is for my folks and my aunt to come up to Boston about a week after the baby is born, when Jon goes back to work, to help me out/visit. We aren't going to go anywhere for Christmas this year, so we get a nice New England Christmas with our little guy here on the North Shore.

And that's how it's going thus far.


abps said...

All the Best Ali, Waiting for your Blog about the Labor & pics of the child.

Lisa said...

Where are you registered? I also totally want a pair of those maternity pants.

Ali said... is where we registered.

Love your honeymoon pictures!!